Yorkshire Flowerpots – last a lifetime

Over a century of experience in clay manufacture has made Yorkshire Flowerpots products the most durable and robust on the market. 

A firing process using traditional kilns heats the locally-sourced clay to temperatures in excess of 1050°C. As a process used historically by Naylor’s to harden pipelines against the extreme rigours of cold, the resulting flowerpots are guaranteed frostproof and can stand up to even the coldest British winters.

Reflecting this high quality, Yorkshire Flowerpots’ unique pledge guarantees its products 100 per cent frostproof for life.

The lifetime pledge guarantees resilience to temperatures of minus 15°C, and offers all year peace of mind.

The lifetime guarantee extends across all of Yorkshire Flowerpots’ ranges and encompasses the products that were launched at Glee 2007.

For further information telephone 01226 794059 or e-mail Liz.Hudston@naylor.co.uk