Wyevale Nurseries’ Confor Nursery Open Day ‘a success’

Commercial nursery Wyevale Nurseries hosted a ConforNational Nursery Open Day at its transplants division for its forestry customers, with the event be heralded as a success.

Wyevale Nurseries Transplants Division in Ledbury opened its doors on Tuesday, September 8 and customers who attended were taken on tours around the nursery.

Wyevale Nurseries Transplants Division director Ray Jenkins said: “We’re part of the Confor Nursery Producers’ Group and as a member we were very pleased to be involved in the first Confor Nursery Producers’ Group – National Nursery Open Day.

“We had a very successful and enjoyable event with a steady stream of visitors arriving throughout the day. There were several tours around the 200 acre nursery allowing visitors to see our home grown transplants, which this year have seen good growth and quality.

“It was a great opportunity for people to meet in an informal environment and to hear other people’s views and discuss the industry. There was lively discussion about forestry requirements in general and the low level of available Government grants, the narrow window for applications and how this will affect the coming seasons.”

Confor National Nursery Open Day - Wyevale Nurseries (3)Delegates from companies who attended the open day included Woodland Trust, Glympton Farm Estate, Pembrokeshire Frame Ltd, J. Roberson & Sons, Chartered Foresters & Surveyors, Poplar Tree Co and Lucas Ashworth Forestry.

Confor is a members’ organisation, which promotes forestry and wood, and is funded by and accountable to people and businesses who own forests and who work in forestry or with wood and forest products. Its aim is to support sustainable forestry and low-carbon businesses through promotion of markets for forest products and helping improve members’ competitiveness.

Confor’s remit covers all parts of the wood supply chain, from nurseries through to forest owners, agents, contractors, harvesters, sawmills and other users of wood.