www.tetra.net – The Wonder of Water at Your Finger Tips

Tetra, the global leader in fish food, treatments and equipment, has just launched its new-look website which hosts a vast array of advice and information for retailers and fishkeepers, whether they’re a beginner or an expert.  It includes something for everyone.  The website’s new, easy to use, format offers ‘News and Hints’ across the Pond, Aquarium and Koi sectors, with information on products, and articles offering in-depth advice, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

The new, upgraded site incorporates Tetra’s new corporate identity and is both appealing and easy to use. Rupert Bridges, Product Manager at Tetra UK adds:  “In the current economic climate it is vital that we provide retailers and fishkeepers with as much information as possible to encourage people in the hobby and support sales.  Our new site makes getting access to information simple and easy whether they’re a beginner or an expert, and whether they have an indoor aquarium, a pond or keep koi.

Tetra UK

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