Woodlodge introduces contemporary planter range

Woodlodge is introducing a contemporary collection of lightweight garden planters, designed to appeal to consumers who are keen to make bold statements in gardens that reflect modern interior décor.

The Modena range features clean geometric lines and has been inspired by contemporary urban architecture, where a minimalistic approach combined with bold statement features is playing an increasingly popular role in modern living.

With TV series such as Channel 4’s Grand Designs fueling the trend for regarding modern architecture as a work of art that can be replicated by home-owners, the popularity of statement contemporary features is tipped to experience significant growth. The appeal of TV makeover shows such as ITV’s Love Your Garden, which regularly attracts over three million viewers, is playing a key role in encouraging consumers to regard gardens as modern outdoor living areas, blurring the lines between interior décor and contemporary outdoor rooms.

Modern urban architecture, the driving force behind Woodlodge’s Modena collection, comprises several strong design-led themes. With space in cities at a premium, designers are harnessing the power of neutral tones such as grey, beige and pastel shades that maximise the use of light and give compact spaces a bright, airy atmosphere. The Swedish fashion for minimalism and a ‘less is more’ culture plays a pivotal role, too, with bold statement features drawing the eye to a prized possession – or plant.

To embrace this trend, Modena planters make it easy for consumers to create wow factor focal points – be it on an outdoor patio or in a traditional garden setting. Because each container in the collection is lightweight, they’re easier to lift and re-locate – ideal for a younger generation of city-dwellers who increasingly rent their homes and require transportable container plants.

Available as egg pots, cylinders, square pots, cubes and troughs, in shades of grey, black, white and taupe, the Modena collection features stand-out containers ranging in size from 19-88cm, carrying recommended retail prices of £7.99 to £149.99.