Westland take growing media to a new level … and new consumers

Westland is once again taking the lead in the growing media sector by expanding the West+ range, the high performance peat reduced range, the core range for 2009. With the onset 2010 peat reduction targets, and gardeners demanding best performance, Westland have taken the leading step to strengthen and revamp the West + range of compost. Featuring the revolutionary 50/50 mix of peat and West+ material will provide every with the best performing and most sustainable product ever.
West+ is now available in:

  • Multi-Purpose Compost
  • Container & Basket Compost
  • Ericaceous Compost
  • Rose, Tree and Shrub Compost
  • Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost

West+ is a unique and patented technology made from natural wood fibre taken from trees grown in forests managed in accordance with the FSC scheme.  It delivers unrivalled performance, is 50 per cent lighter than conventional composts, and far-out performs any of its nearest competitors in plant health, flower development and root density.
West + is unique and to date is the only peat substitute that improves the performance of the growing media, unlike others products such as green waste.
“What makes West+ so special is the fibrous texture allows the roots to penetrate and spread throughout the pot or container. In fact in trials West + develops over 50 per cent more root mass than standard compost. And strong roots means longer lifespan, more flowers or fruit and healthier plants,” explains Keith Nicholson, Head of Marketing.
To mark this exciting development Westland has also revamped and resized the packaging, making it more competitive. Gardeners are instantly informed of the products performance, key benefits and attributes of West+ itself. 
Introducing another first …
Westland have invested over £1 million in creating the first ever peat reduced compressed bale for the 2009 season. The new 25L mini-bales contain the advanced West+ mixture and weigh a consumer friendly 5.5kg while only taking up around one third of fixture space of standard 25 litre compost.
The unique composition of West+ allows it to be compressed without losing performance, moisture level or structure. West + mini bale does not require re-wetting … it is just ready to use.
Adding value in all weathers …
These handy bales have also been designed to maximise impulse purchases and bring compost sales indoors.  The integrated handle makes it easy to carry and is supported by striking indoor display units and promotions, as well as strong press and advertising campaigns.
“We believe it will open up a completely different untapped market for all types of gardeners at key times of the year,” says Keith. “This unique concept will allow growing media to be purchased even when outdoor areas at garden centres are witnessing lesser footfall.”
For further information telephone 02887 727500 or visit http://www.gardenhealth.com/