WeedGuard PlusTM The Environmental Weed Control Mulch Eliminates Weeds & Itself

American organic specialists Sunshine Paper Company have developed “WeedGuard Plus”, an environmentally sustainable, weed controlling mulch. 100% biodegradable paper mulch that decomposes at the end of the season and then can be ‘worked in’ to the soil. This innovative new opaque product effectively eliminates weeds by blocking light, reduces erosion, moderates soil temperatures and can become part of the soil after the growing season.

It is totally porous and allows water, air and nutrients to pass through, whilst being able to withstand heavy rain. “WeedGuard Plus” is the environmentally sound and acceptable replacement for traditional plastic groundcovers. “WeedGuard Plus” is a matting material made from all natural, virgin, cellulose fibres. Unlike synthetic weed barriers it is composed of eco-effective, renewable resources, and is available in both a natural formula or enhanced with fertilizer. It is slow releasing directly into the barrier so flowers and vegetables receive the essential elements necessary for them to develop healthy, optimum growth while nutrient runoff is avoided, also suitable for a wide range of crops.

Michael Gallagher, Sunshine Paper’s vice president, reports that “we have worked with several universities to develop a quality performing mulch that is acceptable to the environmentally conscious gardening community. We have field tested numerous prototypes to determine maximum performance and settled on the one material that gave us the best control. Our research focused on several criteria’s: (1) selecting the right colour to block sunlight for maximum weed control, as well being aesthetically pleasing (2) Porosity – the material had to allow water and nutrients to penetrate it, and decompose. (3) Ease of application was also paramount. The material had to be flexible enough so it would conform to the soil and could be manufactured into rolls that could be laid down easily”.As a result of the research “WeedGuard Plus” is available in a variety of formats to fit any outdoor situation; small rolls and individual sheets for home garden use and larger ones for commercial growers and landscapers.

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