Weber launches new website to enhance digital experience

Barbecue brand Weber has revamped its website globally and is investing to offer greater visibility through digital advertising in the UK. Weber says that the new website, which will launch in the UK in May 2017, will provide consumers with a more immersive and educational experience, ‘designed to help them make quicker and more informed purchases in-store’.

Weber notes that consumers now spend more time interacting with brands online than ever before and the company is committed to investing in developing its digital platforms to engage with customers ‘at a level which reflects the premium nature of the brand’. Last year a dedicated Weber app was launched and more recently the iGrill and accompanying app was introduced. The latest element of the digital platform to be addressed will be the Weber website.

The new web experience offers includes a modern design with easy navigation and integrated video and imagery, detailed product information, advice on improving barbecue skills and a recipe library, as well as increased visibility of the store locator, access to Weber products and a Weber ID, allowing Weber owners to receive personalized communication in the future.

Weber UK marketing director Chris Trewhitt commented:  “We see huge value in informing and educating customers. We believe a Weber is for life and a large part of that is helping customers choose the right product and teaching them how to get the very best out of their barbecue. The new website will provide a more user friendly and immersive journey that we believe will better equip and guide our customers to the products which best fit their requirement, giving them then information they need to make the purchase decision before they go into store.”