Water conservation is headline news again

Following three years of heavy rainfall and flooding in parts of the UK, there is no increase in the amount of water being captured for use in dry spells. This year we are being asked to conserve rainwater again as hose pipe bans are being introduced over the summer period.

Capturing rain water is easy; it flows off the roof and through the down pipe. The hard part is storage which needs to be big enough to hold a large amount of water but discrete enough to sit where it doesn’t take up too much room or get in the way.

Room for a View’s flat backed water butt attaches to an outside wall and captures all the rain water by diverting it from the down pipe directly into the butt. Each butt holds 160ltres. There is always the full force of the water pushing out at the bottom and little or no sludge to clean out as there’s a child safety lid covering the top which prevents leaves and debris dropping in. The unit is made from 100% recycled materials and is recyclable.

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