Vital Earth launches natural Farmyard Soil Conditioner

As part of the expansion of its organic, peat-free range, based on recycled garden waste, Vital Earth has launched Farmyard Manure, a natural nutrient-rich soil conditioner. This brings the total range to over 30 products, making it the only one stop shop for 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% UK-sourced green growing media.

Developed specially for the revitalisation of tired soils, Vital Earth’s Farmyard Manure is based on composted horse manure and it is particularly rich in humus, enhancing beneficial soil life. The product works by retaining moisture and nutrients and improving the structure of the soil. Vital Earth Farmyard Manure has an excellent shelf life of more than 12 months thanks to the slow-release nitrogen properties of Vitalizer®, Vital Earth’s unique growth booster which carries the memorable strapline, ‘The Aphrodisiac for Plants’®. It comes in 50 litre bags with a rrp of £4.99. Vital Earth products are all 100% recycled, and made entirely from composted green materials and co-products of the forestry and food industries.

Vital Earth

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