Vital Earth launches bulb compost

Peat-free, organic composts, growing media and feeds manufacturer Vital Earth has launched a Bulb Compost.   This brings the total range to over 30 products, making it the only one stop shop for 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% UK-sourced green growing media.

The new Bulb Compost has been designed to combat the acidic or ‘sour’ effect anaerobic conditions that can develop when bulbs are grown in undrained containers and then over-watered, making the compost anaerobic.  Vital Earth has added crushed oyster shells to neutralise acid and keep the compost ‘sweet’, thus protecting and encouraging the bulb’s root system.  The addition of extra charcoal also helps to alleviate this common problem, resulting in better growth.

Vital Earth Bulb Compost has an excellent shelf- life of more than 12 months, thanks to the slow- release nitrogen properties of added Vitalizer®:, Vital Earth’s natural nutrient blendunique growth booster which carries the memorable strapline, ‘The Aphrodisiac for Plants’®.

Vital Earth

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