Vet Shares Knowledge in NEW Dog Health Book

Mini Encyclopedia of Dog Health, with its chunky modern style and look, is part if the growing Mini Encyclopedia series from Interpet Publishing. The series is written in an easy to understand, clear and positive way. Mini Encyclopedia of Dog Health stands out from other dog care books as the advice given is the same as you would receive if you asked your vet. Veterinary author, Roberta Baxter has explained veterinary terms that people have heard, but have not had the opportunity to have explained fully.

In the first part of the book the author explains how to choose the right dog, routine care issues, travelling with your dog, training and exercise, neutering and breeding.  Part two is the main section of the book and the guide to ‘Health problems’. Part three is the ‘First aid and emergencies’ section.

Mini Encyclopedia of Dog Health uses images of X-rays, pictures, diagrams and flow charts to help dog owners recognise the first signs and early stages of illness. Early diagnosis will inevitably lead to successful treatment and early recovery. The ‘Health problems’ section of the book is very comprehensive covering, skin diseases, digestive issues, liver, kidney and urinary disease, the reproductive system, hormone problems, blood and circulatory disorders, respiratory disease, eyes, bones and muscles. Each section starts with a diagram explaining that particular part of a dog’s anatomy and how it normally works. The ‘Health problems’ section answers the kind of questions dog owners need to know. The book lists symptoms, diagnosis and treatments for a great variety of common dog ailments.

This new addition to the Mini Encyclopedia series is paperback, 185mm x 157mm in size with 208-pages and 400 colour photographs. The RRP for this title is £9.99. Author Roberta Baxter MA Vet MB MRCVS has over 15-years veterinary experience. She has particular interest in animal welfare, pain management, owner education and preventative medicine. Chris C. Pinney DVM worked as a consultant on the book. Chris is the author of eight books and has served as veterinary host and advisor for television news magazines and syndicated radio shows.

Other Mini Encyclopedia in the series includes Mini Encyclopedia of Ponds, Rabbit Breeds & Care, Chicken Breeds & Care, Dog Training & Behaviour, The Tropical Aquarium, The Marine Aquarium, Koi and Guinea Pigs Breeds & Care. To purchase any of these books or to enquire about the vast collection of books from the publisher, contact your normal Interpet supplier or Interpet Publishing on 01306 873814, email