Van Hage Inspires Country Living Guests

Van Hage wowed crowds at the prestigious Country Living Magazine Spring Fair last week (11-15th March) with a stunning feature garden at the heart of the show.

The national event, housed at Islington’s Business Design Centre, attracted over 20,000 Country Living readers eager to say goodbye to a gloomy winter and capture the first breath of Spring.

In addition to the garden, inspired by influential twen­tieth century plantswomen, Margery Fish, Van Hage presented inspired floral and planted demonstrations celebrating the sights, sounds and senses of the new season to captivated green-fingered audiences.

Van Hage Managing Director, Chris Roberts explained the significance of the Van Hage garden:

“We are tremendously proud to be able to showcase our expertise, ideas and originality at such a well-attended and respected event.

“Our talented designers provide the foundations on which our popular ‘Space’ garden design service is based.”


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Phil Blackwell, Van Hage: 01920 870 811 ext. 266