Two Top Tomatoes from Johnsons World Kitchen

Two varieties of tomato from Johnsons new World Kitchen range of vegetable seeds from around the globe performed particularly well on the company’s East Anglian trial grounds in the summer of 2009. Tomato Big Red F1, which was bred in Italy, produced very high yields of ‘beefsteak’ fruits in a greenhouse, with a flavour superior to that of other large fruited varieties which were also on trial.

Plants were especially vigorous and the flesh of the rich red, round fruits was firm and meaty. Individual tomatoes weighed around 300gm and kept for several days in excellent condition when refrigerated.

As an experiment, a few plants were also grown outside, where they produced a reasonable crop, although Johnsons stress Big Red F1 is primarily a variety for growing under cover. It is resistant to several diseases of tomatoes, including TMV.

Tomato Follia F1 gave high yields of large cylindrical, cavity-free fruits both in a greenhouse and outdoors. A full-blooded Italian ‘plum’ tomato, it was notable for its thick, firm flesh and excellent, old-fashioned flavour. It is ideal for turning into sauce for pasta and is also very good grilled as part of a traditional, cooked British breakfast, reports Johnsons Ian Cross. “ it’s just one of those tomatoes where the flavour really comes out once it’s cooked”, he said. Tomato Follia F1 is tolerant of blossom end rot and resistant to VF and TMV.

Johnsons World Kitchen range brings together vegetables which have inspired distinctive regional dishes from around the world, allowing gardeners and cooks to create authentic dishes at home.

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