Tomorrow’s packaging today

Packaging is one of the main means of communicating with customers.  With this in mind, Bayer Garden has introduced a new generation of packaging that brings to life the garden care specialist’s slogan “We Can Help”. 
There are four standard bottles in the NewGen packaging collection covering the range between 250ml and one litre, with attractive and resistant outer wrapping labelling.  Not only do the bottles look good, but the new packaging is easier to handle and offers even better consumer safety.  Its features include a translucent cap for easier dosage, a closure that is child resistant and a drainback system so the product flows back into the lid after pouring, preventing spillages.
Also, with customers becoming increasingly aware of the environment, so too are distributors and stockists.  As a result, retailers are opting to stock more eco-friendly products.  Consequently, a lot of time and money has been invested in ensuring NewGen is truly sustainable.  All aspects of its life-cycle were scrutinised for their environmental impact, from the raw materials used through to its production, transport, use and waste disposal, and an external Life-Cycle Analysis was commissioned to prove that NewGen corresponds to global ISO quality and sustainability standards. 
Tommy Gill, Head of Bayer Garden, says: “I believe we have a corporate and social responsibility to protect the environment, so we have invested heavily in developing a range of packaging that is sustainable in every way.  The result is NewGen – an innovation in packaging created with the future in mind.”