‘The red red robin goes bob bob bobbin’ at garden centre

The wild bird has taken up residency at Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre in Monkton Heathfield, between Taunton and Bridgwater, and visitors are flocking to the store to see it.

Norma Moore, General Manager of the county’s largest, independent, family-run garden centre, said: “The robin arrived at the garden centre about four weeks ago and he seems pretty set on staying. He is the happiest singing robin I’ve ever heard and customers keep commenting on his song. One visitor even thought it was piped music playing.

“He has taken up residency in our Gardening Hall and has been feeding on our loose bird feed and peanuts. We have also put water out and he is being looked after by our Sales Advisor in the Gardening Hall, Dave Hutchins. 

“He has been causing quite a stir and people have been coming to the garden centre especially to hear him sing. He sits by the window and thinks his reflection is another robin so he sings loudly to warn him off. He seems very content and we’re making sure he’s well looked after during the cold temperatures.

“Robins are territorial all year round. During the spring and summer this territoriality is for breeding, but at other times individual robins hold territories for feeding. They use their song to defend against intruders.”