The Prop-a-Plant solution

The Prop-a-Plant is just that with an innovative cantilever design that holds the cane firmly in place, using the weight of the grow bag to provide strong support. Ideal for growing tomatoes, the Prop-a-Plant, made from rust proof coated steel, comes in two sections, the triangular base which fits under the grow bag and the upright support that slots into the base. This two-piece assembly allows for swivel adjustment and easy positioning. The support is positioned a third of the way across the bag, allowing up to six plants to be grown, each with a support. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution for growing all sorts of vegetables, cucumbers and peppers, with the grow bag placed anywhere without the need for additional support, the Prop-a-Plant and canes doing all the work. Compatible with standard, shallow and deep grow bags Prop-a-Plant supports come in packs of three, with full instructions on the reverse side and at a RRP of just £4.50 (inc VAT). Available from  Tel: 01525 382938