The Plant Fixer from Rapid

Rapid is now moving into the gardening sector. And it is doing so with the Plant Fixer (GP238), an ingenious gardening tool that can be used all year round – spring, summer, autumn and winter. The Plant Fixer GP238 garden pliers show that Rapid is really serious about its move into gardening.
The Plant Fixer will let you fix the most delicate stem to a supporting cane, create beautiful flower decorations, or fasten up plants, etc. The GP238 can be loaded with three different kinds of hog rings to secure a stem to a garden cane, or fix a shoot, stalk or branch in place, without damaging the plant. And the pliers squeeze the rings to the required size.
The hog rings used in the pliers are available in three different variants, depending on application. The simplest one, which corrodes away and falls off after a couple of months, is perfect for supporting young plants. The galvanised ring, which lasts for at least a year irrespective of the weather, is ideal for securing branches or protective netting. The third variant, made of green coated plastic (it is almost invisible), lasts a very long time and is perfect for the gentle care of delicate roses.
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