The mini way to a pawfectly mud free life!

Paw Plunger are proud to announce the UK debut of the much-anticipated Mini Paw Plunger, being showcased at their first ever appearance at GLEE this year.
Paw Plunger is a revolutionary gadget, changing the way we live with dogs. Thanks to Paw Plunger, dog owners can wave goodbye to muddy paw prints forever, because in our increasingly busy lives, none of us have time for mud.
With Paw Plunger you can let your dog really enjoy his walks, getting as filthy as he likes, knowing it will only take a jiffy to clean up. And now, thanks to the Mini Paw Plunger, even the tiniest dog can have sparkling clean and healthy paws.
Simple to use and perfectly portable the Paw Plunger enables you to avoid muddy car seats, sofas, carpets … and all without the hassle of bowls of water in the hallway, hosepipes in the garden or banishing your pet from the sofa or bed! No unwanted showers for you either, as the paw plunger contains any splashes or mess.
Complete with a sealable rim, you can fill the Paw Plunger before you leave the house and travel safe in the knowledge that it won’t leak or spill.
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