The Buzz – Poison Free Insect Control

The Buzz products, now packaged with a strong ‘natural’ element to the design, offer a poison-free alternative to traditional chemical-based insect controls sold by STV under the Zero In brand. 


By creating two distinct ranges – one chemical and one chemical-free – STV says it is making the insect control fixture easier for consumers to shop, particularly where consideration for pet and child safety within homes and gardens is of concern.


A complete product offer, The Buzz range includes baits and traps, repellents, insect screens, and electronic insect killers for indoor and outdoor use.  Target pests include wasps and mosquitos, as well as other common garden flying and crawling insect pests.


STV says the range is guaranteed to help overcome insect pest problems and help customers to enjoy pest-free living in homes and gardens this summer!


Call STV on 01953 881580, or speak with your local STV sales agent to place your order today.


STV – for Pest-Free Living



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