Tetra makes pond products a clearer choice

Tetra, the leading supplier of fish foods, treatments and equipment, is re-styling its entire TetraPond range by phasing out the TetraPond logo and replacing it with the new, eye-catching yellow Tetra logo. Research amongst fishkeepers proved that the yellow Tetra logo was a more popular, modern looking choice and by focusing on just one logo across the entire Tetra range the product range will be much clearer.
Rupert Bridges, Product Manager at Tetra, explains: “The TetraPond logo has been part of the Tetra brand for many years but our research discovered that the yellow Tetra logo had a stronger presence and by having just the one logo we can make our ranges much clearer for pond and aquarium owners. The yellow Tetra logo is perceived to be more modern and eye-catching and it is important that we help make it as straight forward for people as possible to make their choice.  By phasing out the TetraPond logo, as new Tetra products and ranges are produced, we will create clearer displays that will help make it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for.”
The word “pond” will remain on the label to clearly identify the product function and the new labels will be gradually phased in as old stock is sold and new stock delivered from the factory.
For further information retailers should contact Tetra on 08700 554020.