Tetra Gives Boost to Goldfish Food and Care Range

Tetra, the global leader in fish foods, treatment and equipment, is announcing a major boost to the promotion of its goldfish food and care range.  ‘My First Goldfish’ is a new promotion designed to appeal to parents and children alike, with the aim of encouraging new fishkeepers into the market through the promotion of its leading range of Tetra Goldfish foods and care products.

Leaflets, shelf flags, shelf cards, a competition and a specially designed website will all add strength to the promotion which will focus on the fun and ease of keeping goldfish.  Eye-catching promotional material has been created to engage customers and draw attention in-store.  A competition will give over 1,000 children the chance to win prizes and promotional materials, and the website will help parents and children understand which products they need to best care from their new pet. 

Rena Wiethaupt, Product Manager at Tetra UK comments:  “The ‘My First Goldfish’ promotion has been designed to help retailers make the most of the opportunity that exists amongst children and parents looking for the ideal first pet.  The promotional material is eye-catching and will stand out in store, and there is also information available that can be taken home or accessed over the internet.  Our aim is to make fishkeeping fun and easy.  The easier it is the more success retailers will have in attracting new customers into the hobby and the greater the chance of building long-term, loyal customers.”

For further information contact Tetra on:  023 80 60 60 70 or go to www.tetra.net.