Tetra focuses on care and well-being

Tetra’s mantra that healthy fish demand clear water and high quality food was reflected in the new products and line extensions it launched at GLEE 2008.

The TetraPro range was launched in 2004 as a premium food for all tropical fish. The TetraPro range consists of three products: TetraPro with concentrated energy crisps, TetraPro Colour with concentrated colour crisps and TetraPro Vegetable with concentrated vegetable crisps.

From October 1st TetraPro will be available in three new sizes, aimed at fishkeepers with larger aquariums.

The new TetraTest 6 in 1 is available immediately and is the first brand to offer a 6 in 1 test strip.  It replaces the TetraTest 5 in 1 and offers an additional measurement for chlorine.

SafeStart was launched to great success in 2006 and the new 250ml bottle will aim to build on this success.