Tetra Club gets a facelift!

Tetra, the global leader in fish food, treatments and equipment, has updated the TetraClub section of its website to make it even more informative and easy to use. Answers to questions from TetraClub members will now instantly be available on the site, along with helpful articles and monthly tips. There is also an area for readers to upload photographs of their aquariums and ponds, which other Club members can rate.
Rupert Bridges, Product Manager at Tetra UK, comments: “Through the online support we offer with the TetraClub, which now has many thousands of members, we are able to help consumers get more from their aquariums and ponds. The updates to the site allow us to provide more information to more people, whilst at the same time continuing to offer personalised responses to every question we receive.
“This is important, both to keep people in the market for longer by reducing the likelihood of them dropping out, and to strengthen the loyalty that they have to the Tetra brand.” 
You can view the members’ section by joining for free at http://www.tetra.net/