Tetra and Sparsholt Prepare Students for the Marine World

Tetra has donated a brand new marine livestock system to Sparsholt College to help students broaden their knowledge and become familiar with a  true to life commercial marine system.  The marine system is currently being used to spawn marine fish and has become an important learning tool for students of the Sparsholt Aquatics Centre.


Adrian Love, Senior Lecturer at Sparsholt College added:  “It is essential that we prepare our students for the real world and with the increasing interest in marine fish-keeping this new system helps them learn how an off-the-shelf marine livestock system works.  They are then already confident and experienced when they go out to work.  It has also helped increase our capacity for keeping livestock at the Aquatics Centre which adds to the breadth of learning they get at Sparsholt.”

Rupert Bridges, Product Manager at Tetra UK comments:  “This is an important investment for us as it is an investment in the future of the industry.  The more experienced the students leaving Sparsholt are the better support they will be for the industry in the immediate and longer term.”