Tetra – a brand you can trust

“Reassurance is what retailers attending GLEE this year were looking for” comments Rupert Bridges Product Manager for Tetra UK.  He continues:  “There was a lot of talk about the current economic climate and the potential for a downturn, which meant that retailers were looking to stock brands they know; brands they can trust, that will sell and not be left on their shelves collecting dust and tying up much needed cash.  
Now is not the time to take risks with new faces, but to stock brands that are known and trusted by consumers; those that are backed by strong marketing support, and do the job they claim to do.  If you don’t follow these basic principles and then times  do  get tough, retailers will be left with stock that won’t shift and will be putting their businesses at risk.”
For more information visit http://www.tetra-fish.com/ or email tetrauk@tetra.net