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  • LifestyleGarden introduces outdoor range from ocean plastic

    By GCU on April 23, 2019
    Our planet is facing a plastic pollution crisis, LifestyleGarden has said, and each year we produce 300 million tonnes of plastic waste – that’s nearly the same weight as the entire world population. Predictions show that unless something is done to reduce this, we will have created four times as much plastic waste by 2050. It’s a well-known fact that […]
  • Bransford Webbs announces its zero to landfill status

    By GCU on March 14, 2019
    The Bransford Webbs Plant Company has announced its environmental credentials and have achieved the BS8555 accreditation for environmental management for ten consecutive years, having first achieved this important certification back in 2008. Its environmental objectives are reviewed and updated on an annual basis and the company has said it remains essential that it proactively chooses the most environmentally friendly methods of production as possible. Among other […]
  • Wyevale nurseries introduces recyclable plant pots

    By GCU on March 1, 2019
    One of the UK’s leading commercial nurseries is now (March, 2019) using recyclable plant pots for all future retail plants that it’s currently potting. Wyevale Nurseries has started to phase out its black plastic pots replacing them with taupe coloured pots, supplied by Aeroplas in the West Midlands, in a bid to fight the war on plastic. Steve Reed, production director […]