Support for UK farmers

The brand has pledged to support farmers operating in an environmentally friendly way as part of its commitment to the responsible sourcing of ingredients, and to meet customers’ high expectations.

The pledge will see Nature’s Feast, where possible, source as many raw ingredients for its range of birdseed from UK farmers who are signed up to the Environmental Stewardship (ES) Scheme.

The scheme is delivered by Natural England on behalf of the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra). It encourages effective environmental management across a range of farmland, from conserving wildlife and maintaining biodiversity, to protecting natural resources, and maintaining and enhancing landscape quality and character. 

Importantly, the ES Scheme also supports efforts to reverse the decline in farmland birds.  For example, more than 18,000 skylark plots are providing breeding skylark pairs with a suitable habitat in cereal crops throughout the breeding season. Environmental Stewardship has also helped deliver increases in the numbers of grey partridge, stone curlew and cirl bunting.