Sorbus International appointed as Metallo distributors

The introduction of the Metallo brand to the UK fits ideally with Sorbus’ distribution of the ARS range to offer a comprehensive variety of tools for professionals through to quality conscious consumers. Metallo has for years been known in Holland and Europe for its exceptionally wide range of high quality cutting tools at reasonable prices, a tradition Sorbus will carry over in the UK. The Metallo and ARS ranges offer retailers excellent profit opportunities. Sorbus will provide a populated, quality Metallo display stand at better than standard dealer rates, which means when you purchase a range of Metallo tools the stand is Free Of Charge.  In addition to the standard Metallo range, which is offered as a good quality and cost effective alternative to the ARS range, Metallo also offers knives and axes, as well as the Metallo Germo products developed for commercial fruit and vegetable growers. The same stand offer applies to retailers preferring to stock ARS products.

Sorbus International will be pleased to hear from anyone interested in stocking either the new Metallo range or ARS products. Sorbus International Ltd. 01373 475540