#Smoking – it’s trending!

Napoleon® has experienced real growth in its smoking accessories during

2013 and predicts this trend will continue for the 2014 season.

“We provide very cost effective options for barbecue fans who want to experiment with

smoking food;” comments Martin Sobey, Sales Manager of Napoleon®, “It does not

require them to buy a dedicated smoker, they can experience the flavour by using

smoking accessories which in turn provides retailers with additional sales opportunities.”

Napoleon’s range includes:

• The PRO Smoker Pipe which retails at £12.99, it is filled with wet wood chips

and then placed over a burner.

• The Cedar and Maple Planks (£4.99 each) which are soaked and then food

placed on them and the plank put onto the grill.

• The Charcoal Smoker Tray retailing at £39.99, which holds both the charcoal

and the wood chips and can also be used to convert Napoleon®’s Prestige and

most of the LEX gas barbecues into charcoal ones.

• Wood chips (£5.49) which include Mesquite, Maple, Hickory, Cherry and Apple.

Visit http://www.napoleongrills.co.uk/ email info@napoleongrills.co.uk call 01676

522788 or tweet @NapoleonGrills to find out more.