SLUG DEATH and SUPAGRO – two new products from VITAX are perfect for Organic Gardening

Supagro, Vitax’s new, 100% organic, general purpose fertiliser promotes heavy crops of fruit and vegetables, balanced, vigorous plants and beautiful flowers. Made in the UK using a unique, energy efficient process from the sustainable resources of the food processing industry, Supagro releases a steady supply of organic nutrients with added lime to ‘sweeten’ the soil.

Perfect for allotments and all organic gardening.

Supagro is available now in packs of 2kg, 6 per outer.

Slug Death XL, launched by Vitax in early March (to a very positive reaction from both retailers and distributors) contains the naturally occurring active ingredient ferric phosphate. Ideal for organic gardening, Slug Death XL is certified for use in organic systems, approved for use around both edible and ornamental plants and, when used as directed will not pose a risk to children or pets. Rain fast and convenient, (having consumed Slug Death XL, the pests immediately cease feeding and move away to die leaving no unsightly trace) the product is available in 500g packs, 12 per outer, and in Display Pallets of 120 units.

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