Sinclair’s Soil Improvers to Grow Gardening Sales

New for the 2009 season, Sinclair is helping retailers increase sales with a brand new product to improve garden growth.

Gardeners want the best from their soil but most can only dream of perfect, loamy earth. Some gardens are in the wrong area, whilst others, such as new build houses, do not have access to the deep, nutritious soil that plants need. Finally, some gardens are simply getting old! Even the best soil needs a boost after a while.

The answer from Sinclair is Extra Care Soil Improvers. Specially formulated for gardens with Heavy Clay or Light Sandy soils, Extra Care Soil Improvers are the perfect solution for gardeners who find their soil types hard work or lacking in nutrients. Digging in Sinclair’s Soil Improver is one way in which gardeners can make the most of what they’ve got.

Made from specially-selected blends of organic materials, Extra Care Soil Improvers are designed to complement the soil type and maximise its growing potential.


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