Sinclair revitalising the gardening market

Sinclair, the company behind the leading J. Arthur Bower’s and New Horizon brands, is once again revitalising the gardening market with ground-breaking new developments for 2009.

New for the coming season is the J. Arthur Bower’s range of Extra Care Soil Improvers. Specially formulated for gardens with heavy clay or light sandy soils, Extra Care Soil Improvers are the perfect solution for gardeners who find their soil types hard work or lacking in nutrients. With autumn approaching, these are the perfect products for grabbing end-of season sales.

Most gardeners can only dream of perfect loamy soils. Whether it is down to geography, or man-made developments, few soils are in perfect growing condition. Even the best soil will need some love and care after a few years.

Extra Care Soil Improvers are the latest way in which retailers can offer consumers a product that is tailored to their needs. Customers might suffer from poor quality soil, or just want to make the most of what they’ve got, but retailers can maximise their own growing potential by offering great gardening results.

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