Sinclair and Farplants awarded Klondyke Supplier of Year 2009

Sinclair has been awarded 2009 Supplier of the Year jointly with Farplants by the Klondyke Group. At Glee, the Klondyke Group demonstrated what makes a good supplier and a good relationship for retailers through its prestigious awards. Using the collective experience of 24 garden centres, the awards revealed what makes suppliers attractive to retailers; stock availability and delivery times topped the list of award-winning requirements. William Sinclair Holdings Ltd and Farplants were commended for reliability and promptness.

Klondyke’s Chief Executive, Bob Hewitt explained during the award ceremony: “Effective supplier relationships are vital to the success of any garden centre. The Supplier of the Year Award helps us highlight the areas which are really important to us. We need consistency and reliability in the supply chain. We expect our suppliers to enable us to get stock on shelf at the time when the customers want it. This award shows who we consider to be ‘best in breed 2009′ from all our suppliers, based on this criteria.”

The combination of the economy and the weather made 2009 a challenging year for garden centre trade but Sinclair remained in stock on all key lines. Investment in extra storage capacity and a well-times harvest means that the company already has a solid stockpile of product for next spring, meaning Sinclair will continue to support retailers and help to generate sales.

William Sinclair

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