Shrinking house sizes sees shed sales boom

With house prices rising in most parts of the UK and the size of homes and gardens becoming more compact, homeowners are seeking alternative options with many turning to the garden shed as it becomes an extension of the family home, according to bespoke shed makers The Posh Shed Company.

After a successful 2016, the company has highlighted the decreasing size of houses and how this is leading people to find external storage or even converting the shed to an extra living space.

This is particularly true in the South West and Greater London, where The Posh Shed Company saw the greatest increases in sales in its 2016 year-on-year figures, with South West figures increasing by 46% and London sales increasing by 35%. Due to this increase, Greater London sales now make up a quarter of the Posh Shed Company’s entire sales.

The Posh Shed Company chief executive Richard Frost commented: “Some people may be quite surprised to hear that our biggest sales region is London as that is where it is assumed people have less property space. But we believe that is the exact reason for the popularity of our sheds in that area as people are looking for a means of additional storage and living space.

“Customers regularly come to us wanting, not just somewhere as an overspill for the house, but to also extend the home and that is something we certainly saw a noticeable increase of in 2016. People no longer want a basic wooden shed; they are coming to us with certain designs, colours, and visions in mind and we are delighted to work with them to make their dream shed!”