Shopper feedback makes packaging clearer

Bayer Garden has been listening to feedback from its customers and has introduced clear new packaging on its range of Advanced Weedkiller concentrates, bringing to life the garden care specialist’s slogan “We Can Help”. 

The Advanced Weedkiller concentrates are available in Bayer Garden’s unique Simple Soluble Sachets, which dissolve easily in water in just seconds, eliminating the need for the customer to touch or measure the product.  The new pack design will highlight the technology behind the Simple Soluble Sachet technology and has clear imagery to explain its use.  Customers and retailers will be able to grasp the benefits of the technology and understand how to use it with no more than a quick glance. 

Tommy Gill, Head of Bayer Garden, explained: “We introduced Path Weedkiller Concentrate, using the Simple Soluble Sachet application, last year and saw unbelievable sales – customers truly appreciated the ease of application. 

“But there is always room for improvement and after listening to the feedback it was apparent the most significant thing we could do for 2009 was to make the packaging clearer. Research shows customers spend just eight seconds at the shelf deciding which product to buy so the packaging must give the right information in an instant. Our new pack designs do just this.”

Bayer Garden has expanded the new Simple Soluble Sachet technology used on the Path Weedkiller Concentrate last year into three new Advanced Weedkillers which will be launched for 2009.