See The Light – There’s Growth In Candles

In many product sectors within the garden centre market the news remains positive and the potential is still strong. One such area is the candle market which in the UK continues to grow and offers plenty of scope, perhaps more so than in many other European markets. 

Between 2000 and 2006 the amount of candles used per person (measured by weight), increased by 40% to 0.21 kg. Yet compared to other northern European countries, the UK still has a long way to go. In Holland, for example, they use 3kg of candles per person per year with the Scandinavian countries not far behind. 

But the signs are good and Europe’s leading candlemaker, Bolsius, believes that the potential in the UK can be realised through product development and a focus on quality.

Pillar, Church and fragranced candles are strongly represented in the garden centre market.  They account for about 40% of all sales by volume and also represent the value end of the market.  But according to Bolsius there is one glaring omission in this line-up which it believes presents a real opportunity for growth.

In other northern and western European countries, quality tea-lights with guaranteed burning times, account for as much as 20-40% of the overall market, yet are all but absent in UK garden centres.

With this in mind Bolsius, has updated its packaging design as part of a wider re-design of the Bolsius brand to inspire the consumer to use more candles and to use more colour in the home with candles.  Starting with Tealights and Pillar candles, the new look will be rolled out across other candles in the product range.

Independent market research undertaken by the company, indicated that product differentiation within the marketplace is lacking and that customers want both quality and convenience of use. 

As a result the new Bolsius packaging communicates both heritage and quality with stronger and clearer branding, whilst the decision to put T-lights in boxes, not only protects them from damage, but provides easy storage both in store and at home.

Product features are also clearly shown such as burning time and dimensions.  Customers can enjoy the confidence of knowing that Bolsius candles burn for the number of hours stated and that the flame is long and steady, bright and clean without soot or smoke.

In-store presentations and detailed product labelling have both been improved in line with the new packaging design to support retailer presentation and improve customer information.

For more information about how you can improve your candle sales and to find out more about Bolsius contact Mike Buttery on 0800 169 5126 or visit