Seaweed products for organic growing

Maxicrop Original seaweed extract has long been a firm favourite with keen gardeners and commercial growers – for both conventional and organic growing – according to Maxicrop’s marketing director, Shane Deaville.

“The key benefits of Maxicrop – improved root system to take up more soil nutrients and water; greener leaves with more chlorophyll to improve the use of sunlight energy for carbohydrate production; and improved plant health – have been proven in many independent trials, and we believe that these benefits are the main reasons for the product’s popularity” said Mr Deaville.

Because of the continued interest in products for organic growing, Maxicrop has extended its range of Soil Association certified seaweed products over the last couple of years, to cater for a range of organic gardening applications:

  • Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract – all purpose plant growth stimulant
  • Seaweed Meal – natural soil conditioner and growth stimulant
  • Take Root – rooting liquid and transplant aid – made from seaweed extracts
  • Pruning Balm – a natural health treatment for exposed wood after pruning – made from seaweed extracts
  • Cal-Sea-Feed – A sustainable alternative to Calcified Seaweed, to help improve heavy soil structure and reduce soil acidity – made from dried seaweed and natural calcium compounds
  • Compost Maker – boosts the activity of naturally occurring composting microbes to help produce rich compost in weeks – made from natural seaweed and land plant extracts.


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