RKW distributes Stretch Hose on back of major TV campaign

Housewares and electrical distributor RKW will be distributing the Stretch Hose throughout the UK on the back of a £700k-plus TV advertising campaign, starting in mid-May. 
Stretch Hose is described as an ‘ultra-lightweight, self-propelling, expandable hosepipe. Its unique, dual-layer construction means it will not kink, bind or tangle, so water flows smoothly, at full power, all the time’.
RKW national account manager Richard Hearn said: “This is a truly amazing, groundbreaking product. The UK TV advertising campaign will be aired just as people are getting their gardens ready for summer. Stretch Hose is the perfect profit-booster for multiples, independents, DIY outlets and garden centres. The packaging looks fantastic, and is easy to carry and display – plus we have a range of high-impact Stretch Hose FSDUs available.”

Stretch Hose expands up to three times its original length when turned on, and reels itself in, ready for storage, when the water is turned off.  Each Stretch Hose also comes with a gun nozzle, with eight spray settings, plus a 12-month guarantee. It is available in 25, 50, 75 and 100feet lengths, and all fittings are UK standard.