Resolva 24H television advert

The Resolva 24H television advert with its popular ‘weed characters’ is coming back to the small screen this summer after phenomenal sales proved it was a hit with UK homeowners last year. Westland Horticulture has invested a further £2 million to bring the weeds back to life for a period of eight weeks starting from 8th April, reminding viewers to ‘Resolva their weed problem’ for good with Resolva 24H.

Created by award winning animators Aardman, the advert demonstrates exactly how this unique product destroys weeds so they will never pop up again; educating both terrestrial and digital viewers on the benefits of this superior and innovative weed control, which has become one of the fastest-selling weed killers in the sector. Incorporating humour through the cheeky weed characters, not only gives real personality to the brand, but creates viewer engagement and really allows them to empathise with the frustrations of the main character. The advert shows how the easy to use Resolva 24H delivers visible results in 24 hours and because it kills both the roots and the leaves the weed won’t come back.

Naomi Jenkins, product manager for Resolva 24H, said: “Resolva 24H has been fantastically well received by both retailers and consumers since its launch last year. “Our research has shown that over half of the people who watched the advert in 2008 would consider Resolva 24H as their first choice of weed killer, which is a fabulous result. The brand is becoming extremely popular with consumers and it has proven to be one of the best performing products in 2008.

“For 2009, we have increased the range to include a 1 litre concentrate, a convenient twin pack of two 105ml bottles of concentrate, and a 10-litre premium pressure sprayer for the serious gardener, which is ideal for use with the Resolva 24H concentrate products.”

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