Relax, Win and Grow Your Profits with Tetra

This is a chance for consumers to win big prizes to help them relax and enjoy their pond more. All they have to do is enter the barcode from any Tetra pond food or care products into the free prize draw website to find out immediately if they are a winner. There are a wide selection of prizes to choose from including 500 bottle coolers, 100 cool box radios, 25 waterproof DAB digital radios, barbecues and garden furniture. Shelf cards and banners highlighting the promotion will be available from Tetra to help drive sales and build excitement.

The promotion starts immediately and runs to the end of June, covering the key pond selling season and giving consumers an extra reason to choose Tetra.

Rupert Bridges, Product Manager at Tetra commented: “By maintaining Tetra’s price positioning, yet giving consumers an added incentive to buy, we can maintain profit margins and rates of sale for our trade customers. This is, of course, essential at a time when cash flow will be at the top of the minds of many retailers.”


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