Reducing carbon footprints, muddy footprints and paw prints!

Introducing the exciting and innovative, award-winning range of stylish mats – Hug Rug™ – the world’s most environmentally friendly barrier mats, luxurious bamboo bathmats and pet beds – Snugs™.

Made in the UK, reducing carbon mileage, at a Carbon Trust approved plant, Hug Rug™ has an impressive list of eco-credentials. From sourcing recycled materials, eco-friendly manufacturing, consideration of daily use – the mats can be washed at 30°C, to the eventual disposal through recycling; Hug Rug™ is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The competitively priced, extensive range of contemporary designs means that going green does not compromise style.

Hug Rug™ retails from £x to £x and are available in plain shades, abstracts, and home and garden styles.

To stock the new Hug Rug™ range please call 01484 863227