Put your feet up with the Fiskars Garden Light range

. Featuring blades, spikes and heads made from durable materials, the range benefits from lightweight aluminium shafts, ergonomic handles or drop-shaped soft grips for optimal hold.

The Fiskars Garden light digging tools are the lightest on the market, weighing less than 1.4kg each. With extra strong boron steel blades, both spade and fork incorporate a clever oval shaft that significantly reduces weight.

With a maximum weight of just 0.75kgs, the Garden light cultivator tools feature robust hardened carbon steel heads and an innovative drop shaped soft grip handle for optimal grip and comfort.

The Garden Light tidy up tools start at an impressively light 0.49kg and include the Garden Light Leaf rake with flexible head and Soil Rake with hardened carbon steel tines. The Garden Light Patio Knife and Edging Knife achieve optimum performance with hardened boron steel blades.

Fiskars Garden Light collection is available nationwide in garden centres, DIY stores and online.

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