Platinum award win for Wyevale Garden Centres’ ‘Solutions Garden’ at Gardeners’ World Live

Wyevale Garden Centres has announced that it has won a Platinum award, the highest award available, for its ‘Solutions Garden’ at Gardeners’ World Live 2018, the gardening consumer show held annually at the Birmingham NEC.

The Wyevale Garden Centres ‘Solutions Garden’, by award-winning designer Professor David Stevens, is a huge walk-through garden designed to show panicky planters stylish solutions to some of the UK’s most common gardening problems.

With 31% of British gardeners admitting to feeling guilty when their plants die, long Latin names and a seemingly endless choice of plants which all require different conditions and care, gardening can seem overwhelming and confusing. The Wyevale Garden Centres ‘Solutions Garden’ solves many gardening difficulties in a thoroughly practical, easy to understand and elegant way.

Each area of the composition is given over to a different problem and the correct answer is clearly explained. So, whether it is how to deal with tricky spots such as dry shade or alkaline soils, stylish solutions to growing your own and getting water into your garden or what permeable surface is right for your space, the Wyevale Garden Centres ‘Solutions Garden’ has the answers.

Forty students from the Wyevale Garden Centres Horticultural Student Academy worked with Professor David Stevens on the build of this garden and will also be manning it over the next four days. Two of the Academy’s first year students were asked two days before the event to design and build a small border (6m x 2m) at the show, for which they won a bronze award.

Professor David Stevens commented: “I’m delighted to have won a Platinum award for the Wyevale Garden Centres ‘Solutions Garden’. Gardening doesn’t need to be overwhelming or confusing – it’s supposed to be enjoyable and the aim of this garden is to give our nation of panicky planters the confidence to take control of their outdoor space. I hope this will help demystify many gardening questions such as planting in different soil types, tricky spots such as dry shade, dealing with weeds, lawn care and more.”

Wyevale Garden Centres head of horticulture Mark Sage added: “I was delighted to hear about the Platinum award for our ‘Solutions Garden’ at Gardeners’ World Live this year. We wanted to work with Professor David Stevens to create this garden in direct response to what we know our customers need, which is practical solutions around common garden issues such as planting in shade, in alkaline soils and even things like dealing with weeds and lawn care. I hope this garden will boost the confidence of those that visit it and they are able to take away these tips to use in their own outdoor spaces.”