Phostrogen gets a facelift

Following interviews with customers in Scotsdales Garden Centre to find out their views on products, packaging and gardening, Bayer Garden has enhanced its Phostrogen brand to make it more consumer friendly. 

Laura Varey, product manager at Bayer Garden, explained: “We learnt from customers that although they have different needs, they want one thing – a universal, easy-to-use product that can be applied all around the garden and comes in a package that clearly explains how it should be used.

“We have responded by changing the packaging for Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food.  The pack design now includes information on the number of watering cans of plant food contained in each packet.  Bright images showing the product can be used on flowers, fruit and vegetables have been added and this colourful imagery means it really stands out on the shelf, making product selection easier for shoppers.”  

Customers also revealed that many of today’s consumers don’t have the time they would like to dedicate to their gardens and are increasingly looking for quick and easy solutions.  As a consequence, Bayer Garden has expanded the Phostrogen brand to include the new Solo range – a convenient, time-saving, pre-measured plant food for those in a hurry!

Laura Varey continued: “By talking to customers in store, we were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of exactly what it was our customers wanted and to develop an offering to meet these needs.  Whether an experienced, new or grow your own gardener, Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food is the only feed needed for the whole garden and the new packaging clearly communicates this to the shopper.”