Orchid Food Drip Feeders on the shelves

The drip feeders are incredibly easy to use; snip off the tip and then push the drip feeder into the soil. Each feeder provides up to one month’s food, which contains the ideal formulation for encouraging vibrant flowers and healthy leaves.  

Bayer Garden Product Manager, Alison Mulvaney, explained: “People want healthy, beautiful plants but don’t always have the time to feed them regularly and our drip feeders are the perfect solution.  We know how much people love their Orchids so introducing drip feeders for Baby Bio Orchid Food was a natural step.”

Also available, is Baby Bio Original Drip Feeders. Each feeder provides plant food up to one month and is specially formulated to suit all house plants.

The Baby Bio Drip Feeders can be purchased as individuals or in packs of four.  

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