One is Gleeful of the Wow factor

Wow, what a start after a very exciting Glee, ‘ONE’ is definitely off the mark. With its unique and eye catching  pack design, fresh display stand, positive feed back & confirmed orders what else could a company desire! Valagro launched its ‘ONE’ plant nutrition range at Glee, after  a successful UK market trial during 2008.
‘ONE’ is a unique blend of natural plant extracts and nutrients, which result in a ‘natural explosion’ of growth – and can be used with all plants. ‘ONE’ is available as a liquid, water-soluble powder and micro-granules, and gives fantastic results with all types of plants.
Exciting news as with our market trial – ‘ONE’ has decided to continue its free sachets for retailer for all Garden Centres that decide to stock ‘ONE’- to enable consumers to convince themselves how good ONE is prior to purchase.
For more information about stocking ONE contact Tom Royall, UK Sales Manager 07825 021909