New website heralds a golden age for UK high streets has been launched by a group of investors and programmers who are determined to help independent retailers get back on track. 

“The site will encourage customers back to the High Street by making it easy to locate and buy items locally.  After years of struggle independent traders finally have the means to fight back against the giants,” said founder Michael Cooksedge. The concept is simple yet revolutionary.  Suppliers upload images and details of their products to a central database from which authorised retailers can copy items to create their own page on SeeMyLocalShop.  Instead of taking months to get a shop’s product range online, it can be done in hours or even minutes, and at absolutely no cost to them or their suppliers. 

Shoppers who wish to support the local area, will have an encyclopaedic directory of products at their disposal.  They can browse the ranges of local shops online or use the search feature to locate specific items within an acceptable distance of their postcode.  Having located the right item at the right price they visit the shop and buy it. 

“The internet has been the curse of the high street, but with the help of suppliers, will become a powerful tool which will help reverse the fortunes of independent retailers and reinvigorate town centres. We urge shop keepers everywhere to join forces and show shoppers the fantastic variety of products that are available on their doorstep,” Michael concluded.