New products hit the mark

Displayed on its new 135m2 stand, the company has invested in many of its popular product lines, including its Growing Media range with the addition of 10 new products.

Launched in 2013, Vitax’s Growing Media range originally consisted of 17 products which will increase to 25 for the 2014 season with eight new additions.

Vitax Vitapots and compressed planting pellets are just two new products which will be available next year.  Biodegradable and sustainable, the fibre starter pots enable seeds to be planted straight into the pots to help prevent root damage. 

Seeds can also be placed directly on the compressed planting pellets which expand to create a propagating plug to promote healthy root development. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting additions is to the popular Q4 fertiliser range.  Developed with both the amateur and professional gardener in mind, the new premium liquid feed range consists of: Q4 Premium Vegetable Feed, Q4 Premium Flower & Fruit Feed and Q4 Premium Tomato Feed.

Each product has been uniquely developed to stimulate growth and prevent plant stress.  Containing seaweed and organic nutrients for a longer lasting feed, the new liquid fertilisers also contain humates for healthier roots and improved uptake.

Consumer confidence in the Nippon brand continues and is a key growth area for the company.  Vitax has added one new line to its core range – Nippon Pest Smoke – as well as five new products to the Rodenticide range.

Since its launch last year the Rodenticide range has proved popular amongst gardeners.  Additional products in the range include the Nippon Tip Trap, Nippon Pre-Baited Wooden Mouse Traps, Nippon Traditional Wooden Rat Trap, Nippon Traditional Mouse Trap Counter Top Display and Nippon Traditional Mouse traps.


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