The new alarm padlock from Securesight has a built-in siren that goes off if it is knocked or moved, sending surprised opportunist thieves and vandals running.

The 110dB siren is as loud as a car alarm and cannot be muffled, sounding for ten seconds before automatically re-arming itself ready to deter again.     

The Alarm Padlock is perfect for wherever conventional padlocks would be used, offering double the protection for just £19.99.  Not only is it ideal for garden sheds, garages, gates and lock-ups and storage facilities, but it can also be used to protect particular favourites of the opportunist thief which until now have been difficult to alarm, such as bicycles, lawn mowers, tool boxes, garden furniture, on-site kit and machinery.

The Alarm Padlock can work over 2000 times before batteries need replacing and can be used armed or unarmed thanks to a clever shackle system.  It is extremely robust and weather resistant with a hardened steel shackle and zinc alloy body.

The product comes in an attractive blister pack, in shipping cartons of 40 and is available in quantities of 20 for re-ordering.  Free point-of-sale display boxes are also available.

It is the latest in a family of innovative theft deterrent solutions from Securesight which also include award-winning digital security camera floodlights, announcers, lanterns and door viewers.

Further information is available from Securesight on 0870 6099944, PO Box 158, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 9BB, email: or by visiting the company’s website