New maturation system from CASCO

Taking an old concept and formalising it into a smart, easy to use and dedicated system, shop-fitting experts CASCO have just started integrating Maturation Systems into aquarium store design. This is a totally new innovation from CASCO.

In the past it was not uncommon for retailers to supply some dirty gravel or filtration media from their filter system to customers purchasing a new aquarium. The idea was to inoculate the new aquarium with the beneficial bacteria required to break down the fish waste and help avoid problems associated with “new tank syndrome”. CASCO have now perfected the execution of this concept by designing a dedicated and practical system!

The Maturation Systems is loaded with rows of individual pots containing a measured amount of biological filtration media. Water from the store’s display racks feeds the system to naturally mature the media over time. An important feature of this system is the UV lighting that provides a sterile barrier to protect the material from risks of contamination.

The new CASCO Maturation System is compact, sitting neatly alongside a display tank. A display model will be shown on the CASCO stand Hall 6-8 Stand A10C11, 6-8A3 at the forthcoming GLEE exhibition along with other innovative new shop fitting products.

Many images of past installations and examples of available products can be found at the company’s website or for sales enquiries, prices and brochures call 08450 60 99 60.